Phytotoxicity and Ecological Safety of Engineered Nanomaterials

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Om Parkash Dhankher
Chuanxin Ma
Jason C. White
Baoshan Xing


With the dramatically increasing use of nanotechnology-enabled consumer products, engineered nanomaterials
(ENMs). ENMs are inevitably discharged into environment, posing unknown risks to ecosystem structure and
function. Plants play important roles in soil and water resources in the environment. Although these ENMs
have been widely used in medicine, agriculture, and consumer products for great economic benefit, their unique
properties, may cause adverse effects on plants. Thus, toxicity and disposition of ENMs in terrestrial plants,
especially agricultural crops, should be fully characterized. This mini-review summarizes the current literature
on: (1) the distribution and biotransformation of ENMs; (2) ENMs induced phytotoxicity at physiological and
molecular levels; (3) nutrient displacement or enhancement in ENMs treated plants; (4) trophic transfer of
ENMs in terrestrial food chains.

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Dhankher O, Ma C, White J, Xing B. Phytotoxicity and Ecological Safety of Engineered Nanomaterials. IJPE [Internet]. 31Aug.2015 [cited 11Apr.2021];1(01):09-6. Available from:
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