Silicon in Plant Structure and Inorganic C-Sequestration

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Rajendra Prasad


On the planet earth silicon is next only to oxygen in abundance. It is ubiquitous and is present in soil, water and air and biological systems from algae to human population. It is removed by crops in amounts larger than primary plant nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and imparts several advantages to plants, such as, strength in straw in rice to prevent it from lodging and protection to crop plants against drought, salinity, toxicity of micronutrients and heavy elements, certain diseases, chewing insects and large herbivores yet it is not considered as an essential plant nutrient. However, Si is essential for diatoms and many other sea animals, which play a vital role in Si-cycle in the sea. Si helps in C-sequestration and plays an important role in maintaining the atmospheric CO2 low, but this fact is not well realized.

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