Evaluation of the Functionality of GeoTube® based Physicochemical Faecal Sludge Treatment: A Cursory Alternate

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Atun Roy Choudhury
Rajarshi Banerjee
Namita Banka
Mahalakshmi Lanke
Jheelam Sarkar
Sai Charan Anandapu


With the rampant boom in faecal sludge (FS) collection and management in line with Indian government’s agenda, quite a few urban local
bodies (ULBs) in Telangana such as Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) initiated into establishing faecal sludge treatment
plant (FSTP) in collaboration with experienced private technology partners such as Banka BioLoo Limited. FSTPs were so designed with
minimal mechanical components to regularize it as a popular choice for rural and sub-urban. The GeoTube based technology makes use
of an organic flocculant to maximize the floc formation and thereby the water recovery. Post-flocculation the sludge is fed into a semi
permeable polypropylene trap (GeoTube®) with a pore size of 0.3 mm. The method of dewatering the septage with the aid of GeoTube
was so designed to ensure greater than 98% efficacy. Ultimately, the above effluent gets polished with a series of tertiary units such as
pressure sand filter, activated carbon filter, UV disinfection, etc. The permeate meets the inland water disposal standards and is used
to maintain the green belt in and around the plant. The trapped biosolids are self-composted for more than two months inside the
filled tubes. Further, the debagged material is analyzed to ensure compliance with physico-chemical, metallic, and pathogenic limits.
Afterward, the final materials pulverized, packed, and distributed amid the local farmers to be used as a soil conditioner. The FSTP has
been successfully running for about two years now and has to date treated more than 2 million liters of septage of which recycled
almost 1500 kL of water and 35 tons of biosolids.

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Choudhury AR, Banerjee R, Banka N, Lanke M, Sarkar J, Anandapu SC. Evaluation of the Functionality of GeoTube® based Physicochemical Faecal Sludge Treatment: A Cursory Alternate. IJPE [Internet]. 2020Apr.30 [cited 2024Feb.25];6(02):122-8. Available from: https://ijplantenviro.com/index.php/IJPE/article/view/1281
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