Nuclear Technique Applications Vis-A-Vis Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition: An Overview

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Aanisa M. Shah
Tajamul I. Shah
Shaista Nazir
Inayat M. Khan
Shabir A. Bangroo
M.H. Chesti
Aziz M. Aezum
Abdul R. Malik
Yasir H. Mir
Hujjat Ul-Baligha
Aabiroo Rashid
Gowhar Mir


Nuclear techniques in agriculture encircle the exploitation of isotopic and radiation techniques to contend with diseases and pests,
upsurge production of crops, water, and land resource protection, safeguard food safety in hand with authenticity and elevate the
production of livestock. Nuclear techniques intend to ease trials regarding food security, safety, and sustainable agriculture development.
Nuclear techniques in the circle of agriculture have paid significantly to the growth of isotopic techniques to assess soil deterioration
apart from the creation of effective soil and land conservation approaches. These interventions encompass fallout radionuclides encircling
137Cs, 210Pb and 7Be and compound specific stable lsotopes (CSSI) techniques. The sensitive estimates of total N2 fixation across the
growth cycle of leguminous crops reside in the isotopic method application with the employment of a stable 15N isotope, usually at
enrichment as well as natural abundance levels. The utilization of Oxygen-18 and Hydrogen-2 aids to study the utilization of plant water,
the quantification of agricultural transpiration, and the development of tactics to boost crop productivity, minimize unproductive losses
of water, and check water as well as land degradation. For the comprehension of biological courses and mechanisms of ecosystem
functioning, nuclear-based approaches are supportive tools, not a replacement for conventional techniques. As a result, a thorough
assessment of the demand for employing a nuclear/isotopic technique, as well as selection of an apt isotopic technique, is required,
taking into account the objective of research, facilities and expertise accessible, and affiliated risks in view of safe conduct and disposal
of menacing constituents in addition to the financial considerations.

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Shah AM, Shah TI, Nazir S, Khan IM, Bangroo SA, Chesti M, Aezum AM, Malik AR, Mir YH, Ul-Baligha H, Rashid A, Mir G. Nuclear Technique Applications Vis-A-Vis Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition: An Overview. IJPE [Internet]. 2022Nov.7 [cited 2023Jun.1];8(02):111-5. Available from:
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