Wolbachia: It’s Role In Pest Management

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Ulfat Jan
Amir H. Sheir
Audil Gull
Janardhan H. N


Wolbachia is a microorganism that infects and replicates inside host cells and is mainly present in reproductive tissues of animals with
joint feet and roundworms. In arthropods, it is found in insects, mites, spiders, terrestrial isopods, springtails etc. A survey that was
recently conducted showed that Wolbachia is present in above 65% of insect species making this microorganism as one of the most
intracellular bacterial genus so far discovered. Wolbachia controls their hosts’ reproduction through unique mechanisms that incorporate
cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI), parthenogenesis induction (PI), male-killing and feminization of genetic males. Recently, this bacteria
has been used as a bio-control agent for controlling insect pests. Different arthropods which were laboratory-reared and field-collected,
have been screened against this bacteria to see whether this bacteria can be used as a bio-control agent

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