Lacunae of Microbial Study along the Bhavnagar coast

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Hardik Gosai
Pradeep Mankodi


Soil microorganisms account for a large portion of the Earth's biodiversity and play an important part in biogeochemistry cycles (BGC) and ecosystem functioning. It is difficult to comprehend the variety of this diverse microbial population in the soil environment. Soil microbes play an important role in organic matter decomposition, mineral nutrient release, and nutrient cycle. Microorganisms and their microbial activity are one of the soil health metrics; they may also be used as a bioindicator of pollution. Extensive research has been focused on soil microbial diversity. The Bhavnagar coast has anthropogenic activity such as industries near the coast, a ship-breaking yard (Alang and Sosiya Ship Breaking Yard), and human influence. This review covers microbiological research conducted along the Bhavnagar coast of Gujarat, India which has concrete identification methods such as 16S rRNA gene sequencing, BiologTM microtitre plate approach, in-depth biochemical test, and other authentic identification methods. The Bhavnagar coast has been less studied in terms of microorganisms, and more research has to be done in undiscovered areas.

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