Published: 2023-08-08

Quantifying carbon Stock and tree species diversity of green infrastructure of Varanasi, India

Ashutosh K. Singh, Jamuna S. Singh, Hema Singh, Rohit K. Mishra


Identification and characterization of Azotobacter sp. screened from different agro-climatic zones in Telangana.

Koppula Prawan, Biman K. Kumar, Mohamaad M. Imran, Chate Eshwar, Kandula Jayapaul


In-silico Study of an Ethnobotanical Plant; Urtica dioica for Assessing Anti-diabetic Potential

Arti Chauhan, Priyanka Sharma, Anjala Durgapal, Dhani Arya, Subhash Chandra


Occurrence and Conservation Status of Ceropegia anjanerica Malpure et al., in Nasik District

Nikam P. Dinkar, Shinde H. Prabhakar, Pawar R. Prabhakar, Waghmode A. Vitthal


Prevention and Control of Anaemia by Unani Intervention

Dr. Safder Husain; Arish Mohammad Khan Sherwani, Professor, Arish Mohammad Khan Sherwani, Professor